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Cool Homemade Sunflower Cake with Sunflower Cupcakes

My sister’s love for sunflower was the inspiration for the Sunflower Cake and cupcakes. I looked up sunflower cakes on the internet and copied what I liked here and there and made my own version.

The fondant sunflower decors were made a week before my sister’s party. I used the daisy/sunflower plunger which had 3 sizes. To get the texture for the center of the sunflower I used a piece of tulle cloth. I placed the tulle on top of the rolled fondant and rolled over the rolling pin one more time. I then used the bigger side of the tip to cut a circular shape on the textured fondant then placed it at the center of the sunflower.

The cake is covered with butter cream icing. The writing on the cake as well as the stems and leaves are also butter cream. I used tip number 3 for the stems and tip number 67 for the leaves. The lady bug (shaped by my niece) was a last minute addition.

Homemade Sunflower Cake

Homemade Sunflower Cake

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