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Simple Homemade Sunflower Cake

I made this sunflower cake for my cousin. She is in love with sunflowers. I have to say this was sort of difficult to do; being a sunflower is round you have to bake two cakes, an 8 in round for the center and a rectangle cake to be able to cut triangle pieces for the petals.

I did just that and used a Betty Crocker cake mix. It took me 3 boxes of mix. I baked the cakes and let them cool. Then I placed the round cake in the center of my board and cut out all the triangles pieces. I placed the pieces all around the round cake and then added extra pieces in between the other triangles to give the petals a layered look.

I frosted the round cake with chocolate frosting. I mixed yellow food coloring in the whipped vanilla frosting and iced all the petals then to top it off and to give it that final look I outlined all the petals with vanilla frosting and drew a garden scene on the board.

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