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Coolest Super Mario 8-Bit Goomba Cake

I made this Super Mario 8-Bit Goomba Cake at school for midterms; we had to make a child’s birthday cake. I made this out of three 9-inch yellow cake rounds. The bottom cake was half of a cake round covered in Italian buttercream with royal icing as the messy detail brick work (I only had 15 minutes left.) The letters are cut out of fondant with royal icing as the detail.

For the Goomba, I set that finished cake aside. I stacked the remaining cake layers gluing them together with Italian buttercream. I then cut the cake in half down the middle and only used one half of the cake for the body. This made the cake the perfect thickness to stand. I set it straight up and down so it looked like a rainbow, and then I carved each side like a set of stairs. I iced him with buttercream, sat him aside, and did the same thing with the other half of the cake to make the feet. I covered the feet in peach fondant, and then I put black fondant over the peach and cut it like a set of stairs as well. I stacked the two using skewers as dowels and then made the facial features out of fondant. I attached the feet to the brick layer first, and then i stacked the body on top of the feet.

If you attempt this at home, use real dowels. We didn’t have any, so it ended up falling over eventually. But I still got nothing but compliments even after it fell over in the box.

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