Coolest Super Mario Birthday Cake

My son is obsessed with Super Mario at the moment, and wished for nothing else but a Super Mario Birthday Cake for his 4th birthday! The finished product is a mix of ideas I got off this web site, it was my 1st ever try at baking and modeling with marzipan and sugarpaste. It took me a couple of late evenings, I should have started earlier so I could have made more characters.

I made 2 sponge cakes, one large and one small. I split them both in half and spread filling in the middle. The large one was filled with home made raspberry mousse, and the small one was filled with home made chocolate mousse. Then both covered in buttercream, then marzipan. The characters are modeled from sugarpaste and stuck together with edible glue (plus a few cocktail sticks for the legs). The stars are sprayed with gold lustre.

It was very popular at the party, and I’ve found a new passion in baking and have now invested in a few essentials before my daughter’s birthday comes up!!

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