This year for my son’s 6th birthday he picked Mario from Nintendo. I promised myself to never purchase a cake from a store for my son, and so off I went! I ordered figurines from an online eBay store. *Order early, sometimes it takes awhile! Once they arrived I started mapping out the plan. I made 4 cakes in total, 2 – 9”’s and 2-8”s. I decided to go with buttercream for frosting and yellow cake.

I purchased a Wilton icing tip set, that way you have more options and right there in front of you! I stacked all cakes on top of each other, I read from several sites to freeze first, so this year I tried it. A tip for freezing, wrap in saran wrap first, then foil up to 1 week and it turns out amazing! (AND sooooo much easier to frost!). That brings me to the frosting, I made the night before and colored it, the next day it was done AND colors were at it’s peak.

I took two left over cupcakes from his bday party at school (also froze these), and put them face down to make look like hills. I then placed characters and iced over them. For inspiration I played a quick game with my son for final details, like the flag with an “M” on it. On top I bought the sugar letters to spell out Happy Birthday part.

The cake was a total hit, and each kiddo was so excited, which in return made my entire day! Now only question is, what will we be making next year?