Coolest Super Mario Brothers Cake

For my son’s sixth birthday, he begged for a Mario Brothers cake. After searching in vain for a Character cake pan that would work, I realized I was going to have to get creative.

I started this Super Mario Brothers Cake by baking two 9in round cakes and 2 6in round cakes and layered on top of each other. I found a website that sold miniature video game characters and ordered two sets to give me the characters for the cake. Based on the characters that I ordered, I created small scenes around them.

Starting at the base, the Piranha Flowers were created from Fondant. Just treated like playdough and shaped and molded it. 2 different green icings used to randomly create the base pattern using star tip. Used green icing to create the vines connecting the Piranha Flowers.

To create the path between the ground and the sky, crushed up chocolate chip teddy grahams. The small pieces of chocolate chips looked like little rocks around the path. I used fondant to create the Question blocks and Stairs to the clouds. I had to insert toothpicks to get those to stand, they were to heavy to press into the icing without sliding down.

The clouds are white icing. I placed the characters in their appropriate setting, Bowser with a fire ball made from fondant, Peach with a heart made of fondant. And of course, Mario at the top holding his beloved star, also made of fondant.

I had lots of fun making this cake and it was HUGE hit! And all said and done, it was VERY easy once I had the characters to build around.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Super Mario Brothers Cake”

  1. I am not very creative so when my friend asked me to make a Mario brother cake for her son I had to get some ideas. I stole some of your ideas to make my cake. It is also on this site. Cake #54. Thanks! for the ideas. I only wish I knew how to make the clouds like you.

  2. I love your cake, it really is great! Could you tell me how you made the clouds? my son’s 6th birthday is coming up and I want to be prepared…thanks!

  3. Fantastic job on this, I may have to steal a few ideas from it in the spring. My youngest daughter has already been talking about a Super Mario Galaxy cake for her birthday. :)

  4. I am very interested in helping a cake decorator recreate this cake for my husband’s 30th birthday. Where did you buy the figures from?


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