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Coolest Super Mario Brothers with Green Mushroom Topper Cake

This cake was made for our 5 year old neighbor’s birthday. The “Extra Life” mushroom is his favorite. The mushroom is made with rice crispy treats and covered with fondant. The mushroom was molded in an aluminum bowl lined with wax paper for easy removal. I made the mushroom about a week in advance and let it harden. When covering the mushroom I also inserted two wooden dowels to support and connect the topper. Because of the size of the base, I would not put the topper on until last min.

The base cake is four 10″ layers. The top two are chocolate, the bottom two white cake. After cutting the tops of each cake off, place a dollop of frosting on your cake board. After putting the first layer down, poke small holes in the top of the cake with a fork. Drizzle simple syrup over the top. Cover that first layer with icing and repeat through all of your layers. When done… cover with a thin layer of frosting.

This Super Mario Brothers with Green Mushroom Topper cake was covered with blue fondant that I had dyed. I used cookie cutters to make the brown squares, stars, and circles. The cloud was drawn out on a sheet of paper and traced onto the fondant. A few of the bricks and green tubs were store-bought, but the larger tubes, turtles and mushrooms were made out of fondant and allowed to harden for about a week. This is my favorite cake to date. I loved decorating it :)

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