Coolest Super Mushroom Cakes

I wanted an easy cake idea for my son’s Super Mario themed 5th birthday party. I decided that the mushrooms seemed to look the easiest and after a little thought on how to make them even easier I came up with Super Mushroom Cakes.

I bought a Wilton’s multi cavity cake pan. I read about people’s horror stories about using the pan and decided to do a test run with it. I had no problem with the bake time and the separate pieces cooking unevenly. I sprayed the pan with non-stick spray, used 2 store bought cake mixes, 3 store bought frostings, and food coloring gel not drops. I cooked the mix at the suggested temp. for a dark pan and time for the cupcakes. I think I ended up exactly in the middle of the cupcake time. I filled the cavities differently. Matching tops and bottoms I filled three sets to 3/4 full for the red and green mushrooms and for the blue one I only filled them 1/2 way.

You do want to do like the pan says and get them out of the pan to cool right side up. When you start to put them together you will turn the bottoms back over so the bottoms are fatter than the tops of the base of the mushroom though. I used an 8″ deco. board for each mushroom. Use a little frosting to make the bottom stick to the board and to make the top stick to the bottom of the mushroom. I used a cake decorating stand to frost them. The spinning makes it so much easier to frost around the mushroom. Just make different bowls of frosting colors, keep some white for the spots.

I used the left over green for the grass at the base. I used decorators tips for the grass and the spots. The spots I did with the petal tip. I just used a butter knife to spread the rest of the colors on. Sooo easy. I used a black deco. gel tube to do the eyes for that glossy look.

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