Coolest Super Why Cake

This cake was for my son’s 3rd Birthday. He was obsessed with Super Why. There was nothing Super Why out yet (still isn’t), but I guess that is what the internet is for.

This cake was very simple to make, and didn’t take me long at all to decorate. I just made a store bought marble cake. Made vanilla butter cream frosting and separated it to make the colors for the book. I decided that drawing the characters would be too time consuming so i just printed them off and stuck them on with icing. For the book i printed off the Super Why logo and traced it with toothpicks (this probably could be done free hand but I need the templates) Then instead of super why i wrote my son’s name, which he got a big kick out of.

For the rest of the decorations I printed off images I found on the internet and made stickers for my the guests. Also for the party favor bags I printed the whole Super Why gang on white lunch bags, it was very cute!

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Super Why Cake”

  1. I am preparing to celebrate my sons 4th b/day and he is also obsessed with Super Why. I keep asking him what kind of cake he wants thinking he will decide on something different. But he keeps saying Superwhy. Thanks for the idea!! Thought I was going to have to find a cake mould and decorate it. This is even better! Cant wait now!

  2. OH thank you thank you thank you for sharing your beautiful cake with everyone!! I didn’t know how I was gonna pull off a Super Why cake!! What a great idea

  3. I see this is an old post but still very handy! My daughter is fixing to turn 6 and just loves Super Why also. We are stationed in S. Korea and finding things like this is very slim. Awesome Idea! Thank you!


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