Coolest Surfers Cake

I wanted to make something different for my son and his girlfriend whose birthdays are the day after each other. They both enjoy surfing so I looked through many pictures online and came up with my own version of a surfers cake, including my son’s girlfriend being upside down in the waves ( which she quite often is apparently!).

The beach is coloured butter icing sprinkled with demerara sugar. The wave was made out of modelling paste and dried over a bowl to give it the shape. The sea is blue butter icing.

The figures and surfboard items made from modelling paste were made a few days in advance to allow them to dry. The shark was added for effect, I hope we don?t get too many of them in the UK.

The cake is just a sandwich cake mixture made in a square tin. I used the towels on the beach to add their first initial and ages.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Surfers Cake”

  1. Hello,

    Can you please amke one for my husband’s 30th birthday? We will be celebrating in Newquay, he is surfing fan.

    Thank you

  2. Wow! You have your son’s girlfriend falling off the surfboard and then about to get eaten by a shark. That’s pleasant!!

  3. Apologies Agne – if you ever read this. I set up the site to send me notification when anyone commented, but it’s apparent this didn’t happen and I only looked at the site today. I hope you found someone to make you a cake.

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