Coolest Surfing Birthday Party Cake

This Surfing birthday party cake was my first real cake for my son’s 5th birthday. The party was a surf theme so we made some life-size painting of surf boards for our humble abode, had 40+ people over, and I made this out of 3 Betty Crocker ‘super-moist’ boxes of cake mix, chocolate, yellow and chocolate on top. Cake had other piece added to support a ‘wave’ of icing.

Pillsbury icing was used on thawed cakes (they were wrapped in the freezer for two days, still retained their moisture. Gosh, I was very very frustrated with the ‘Super-moist cake coming apart with the spreading of the icing. Will suggest that something more durable be used as a base to prevent harsh words (or tears)… OR perhaps use homemade icing that may spread easier!

Three containers were needed of white icing and that was not enough to spread between the layer (which would have crumbled anyway, they were moist enough as it was to stick together anyway).

The blue came from a very tiny ‘graffiti’ quality canister of blue food color which allowed great control and color better than I thought possible, brand Color Mist. Graham Cracker food processed cookies made for a good beach.

In San Diego there is an icing/cake supply up on Clairmont Mesa that has TONS of great stuff for almost any type of cake and friendly staff, no mini surfers like I wanted so bought some wind-sailers and snapped off the sail to have these ‘dudes’.

Thanks to everyone that posts on this site. Great for ideas even for those that are new to cakes. They can be fun, creative, and tasty!

Homemade Surfing Birthday Party Cake

Homemade Surfing Birthday Party Cake

Homemade Surfing Birthday Party Cake

4 thoughts on “Coolest Surfing Birthday Party Cake”

  1. Neat cake! Wow. The carrot cake I made for Grandma’s 90th on Sunday was pretty boring compared to this. Wow is all I can say for the work you put into this. Thanks Robert for the pictures!

  2. Sorry we we weren’t there.!!! All the hard work was worth it because the memories will last forever!!! And we have the greatest from our visit. Seams like yesterday already. Grandma C

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