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Coolest Sushi Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration to make this Sushi Birthday Cake from browsing the pictures on this website. The cake is one layer of German chocolate with buttercream frosting covered in fondant. I twisted white fondant with brown to make a bit of a wooden effect.

The sushi on top is all made of fondant. I rolled it in a similar fashion as real sushi- three long rolls of orange, green and red fondant, rolled into a thick white sheet and a thin green sheet to mimic the rice and seaweed paper. Sealed this with some water, and sliced the long roll into little rounds.

Half of the rounds were lightly iced and rolled in coconut, the other half got red sprinkles. The wasabi, ginger, and chopstick holder are gum paste. The sashimi was simply hand shaped (both red and yellow bits are twisted with other colors). The base is brushed with edible bronze shimmer dust mixed in vanilla extract for that sparkle. Only the chopsticks are non-edible!

This was my first time making a cake with fondant and gum paste! I was surprised at how easy it was (though it still took about 3.5hrs!) Now if only I can freehand better.

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