Coolest Sushi Cake 6

My husband bought me a sushi kit because I thought they were so cute. However neither one of us will eat sushi. So I Googled candy sushi, and surprised him one night for dinner with this sushi cake.

They were fun to make, but really sweet so all you need is two or three per person. I bought fruit roll ups, lots of different gummy candy (worms, fish, etc.), and you will need home make rice crispy treats.

You will need to prepare the rice crispy treats right before you plan on making the sushi, so it is pliable. Be careful you will need to let them cool just a little so you can handle them, but not so much that they are hard. You want them warm so you can mold them but yet not to warm to melt the fruit roll up. Try making the rice crispy in a small batch. So you can work with a little at a time. Also you will need to grease your hands with something, butter, Pam, or Crisco, otherwise the marshmallow will just stick to you.

This is really neat and you can use your imagination and take it anywhere! Good luck and have fun!!

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