This Sushi Cake Design was so much fun to make! And really pretty easy. I started with 2 layers of chocolate fudge cake, made sure they were completely cooled, then frosted with homemade cream cheese frosting.

I sprinkled coconut on the entire top of the cake, a nice thick coating, and pressed down gently so it would stick.

The ‘seaweed’ around the cake is made from strips of green apple fruit rolls, the ‘salmon roe’ is maraschino cherries, with a little heated up raspberry jam drizzled over, ‘ginger’ is made from orange and strawberry fruit rolls, and the ‘wasabi’ is made from a kiwi.

I put a dab of frosting on the chopsticks and gently pressed them onto the cake, then placed a couple packs of soy sauce on top of the cake, and added a couple of fortune cookies for fun.