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Coolest Swan On The Lake Birthday Cake

I made this Swan On The Lake Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 7th birthday. I began by taking a wire coat hanger and forming it into the shape of swan’s beak, head, neck, and body. For the swan’s body, I used the Wilton Duck Cake Pan and cut the head off of the cake for the swan body. Then I baked a sheet cake.

Once it was cooled, I placed it on the cake board. Next I angled the wire through both cakes and partially into the board to give a little stability. Then I used rice krispie treat mixture to create the beak, head and neck. I recommend waiting until the mixture is almost completely cooled. It makes a little more difficult to use, but if it’s too warm, it will just fall off the wire. (I learned the hard way.)

Once I had the rice krispie treats on the wire I began forming it into the shape I desired. Then I began frosting the cake. I used melted candy wafers and formed the tail feathers and wings on parchment paper. Once they hardened, I stuck them into the cake. I used a black food coloring and frosting to color the beak.

This cake was a big hit and my daughter, Samantha, was thrilled.

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