Coolest Sweet 16 Camouflage Cake

This is a Sweet 16 camouflage cake that I made for a friend of mine’s daughter. Because she is home schooled, her parents wanted to go all out for her sweet 16 and make it similar to what she would have experienced at a high school prom. She really loves camouflage, and the colors of her dress were blue and green.

The cake itself is a Sundrop pound cake with butter cream frosting. The cake is decorated with mossy oak edible image on the bottom and top, homemade marshmallow fondant in the middle, and homemade marshmallow fondant leaves. This was my first try with homemade marshmallow fondant, and I have to say I really am happy with the way it tasted. I have made cakes with the store bought fondant before and I hated the way it tasted.

Although it’s a little messy to make, it is definitely worth the time when you taste it. One tip I will add is to make your fondant a few days ahead of time, wrap it in plastic wrap, and store in a plastic Ziploc bag at room temp. The day you are going to use your fondant, I would place it in the fridge for 15-20 minutes so that it will be a little firmer when you work with it. Also the edible images are really easy to work with and they look great on cakes.

I was worried when I started this cake, because I had never made a three tiered cake before, I had never worked with marshmallow fondant, and also had never worked with edible images. The birthday girl had requested the browning symbol for the top of the cake, and because I could not find a store bought image this is one is made from clay.

Everyone really loved the look of the cake as well as the taste. Overall I am really happy with the way the cake turned out, and I definitely will be using cake images and marshmallow fondant in the future.

Homemade Sweet 16 Camouflage Cake

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