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Coolest Swimming Pool Birthday Cake

I made this Swimming Pool Birthday Cake after looking at other pictures on this website and learning from the issues other cake decorators encountered.

I baked 2 9×13 cakes. After cooling, I put the first one down on the cake board. I iced the cake with buttercream icing. I cut the center out of the 2nd cake and placed it on top of the 1st cake. I iced the top and outsides of the 2nd cake with buttercream icing. I then thinned some icing to ice the inside of the 2nd cake (1/2 cup icing to 1 tbsp. water).

I made 1 pkg. of berry blue Jello (Jigglers) recipe. I put it in a Tupperware in the fridge for about 1 1/2 hours just until the edges started to harden. I then poured it into the hole in the 2nd cake. None of the Jello leaked into the cake because the cake had a barrier of icing.

I let the Jello harden some more and then placed the “peach rings” and Teddy Grahams into the pool.

I added my final touches, the marshmallow edge of the pool and the people on beach towels (Teddy Grahams on Airheads).

The only thing I would have done differently is I would have used 2 pkgs. of Jello to fill the pool to the top. It was so much fun to make.

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