Coolest Swimming Pool Cake

I saw a few Pool Cakes on this website and the internet and was excited to give it a shot. I made two 9×13 cakes and stacked them up and used wafer cookies to hide the fact that I ran out of frosting at midnight.

I had so much fun making this swimming pool cake. The palm trees are pretzels and fruit roll ups, but they just hung there like a wet paper towel so I drew leaves on paper and stuck the fruit roll ups to the paper to hold it out and up. The blue water for the pool was store bought cookie frosting outlined with Chiclets gum. I used tiny bits of fruit roll ups to put bikini’s and swim trunks and the Teddy Grahams.

Sour Airheads made great beach towels. I was never able to find those little drink umbrellas so I had to make my own. I was most pleased with the table and chair under one of the umbrellas. The table is more fruit roll up, and the chair is two pieces of Chiclets gum. The diving board is a Gummie Life Saver, a piece of Now & Later and a stick of gum.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Swimming Pool Cake”

  1. That’s my sister for you. She makes totally awesome cakes. My niece just had a birthday and she made a stiletto heel cake for her.

  2. Awesome Cake! My daughter is having a pool party this week, and I am going to try a variation of this. Thanks for the idea!


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