13 thoughts on “Coolest Swirl Cake”

  1. I love this cake, my sons first birthday party is coming up and I wanted some neat idea’s . I would love to use this cake, how would I support the cakes together?

  2. all you need to do is use a small thin cake board between each layer. that makes it easier to support, cut and serve!!

  3. I love this cake! I decided I’m going to make it for my nephew’s 1st birthday. Thanks for sharing your idea.

  4. I’m thinking of doing this cake for my daughters birthday. But I couldn’t find it on Martha Stuart kids. can you help me out?

  5. “I’m thinking” go to Martha’s web site and type in pink birthday cake…you’ll find it.

    Question for the baker of this cake…
    What size cake pans did you use?

  6. Hi I would also like to know what size cake pans you used. Also I was thinking of making an ice cream cake and was wondering if do you think an ice cream cake would work this way?

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