I baked two 13×9 cakes (1 chocolate/1 yellow) for this T Rex Dinosaur Birthday Cake. My husband found the picture located on the bottom right on the web. He cut the body and head of the dinosaur out of one cake, freehand, using a serrated knife. He then pieced together sections of the tail and legs and head from the remaining cake, again freehanding it. (One could blow the picture up to match the size of the cake to be made.)

Fortunately, my husband is pretty good at visualizing pictures onto cakes. Pieces were “glued” together with frosting. Using pre-made vanilla frosting (I’m too lazy to make my own frosting from scratch). I colored the dinosaur different oranges using the Wilton coloring gels (Orange and Red were generally the colors I used.)

The tongue was colored pink using the white frosting and some red. Chocolate icing filled in the dark parts. Using the medium star tip from Wilton, I piped the light orange of the Dino. I used a small star tip for the outlining of the darker orange. The tongue and eyes were done using a smooth piping technique.

This cake took us about 5 hours to complete. Two hours to decorate it and three hours to cut it out due to my husband’s penchant for perfection.