My daughter really loved Tangled the movie and wanted a Tangled 3rd birthday cake.

Firstly, I baked a patch of Rice Crispy treats. Once they set, I used 2 sizes of round cookie cutters to build the tower. I used melted white chocolate to “glue” the tower together. I cut a small C out of 4 bigger rounds to form the window. I used wooden dowel rods through the center of the tower in order to hold it to the cake, done later.

Next, I started with using a 16 inch round cake pan, using 4 pound cake mixes. I used 2 mixes in the in each pan. I used a raspberry jam for filling between the layers. Then, I decorated the top and sides using the grass tip from Wilton. I actually ran out of icing, so the back is a smooth green. I used jelly beans to right the #3.

Next, I placed the tower onto the cake using the dowel rods to stabilize it to the cake. I then iced the tower with 2 colors, light pink for the middle and a darker pink for the top. I placed a pretty thick layer, then used a knife to make the brick appearance.

Once the tower was on the cake, I used 1 large waffle cone on top of the tower and 2 broken ends of waffle cones. I used the white chocolate again to glue in together.

I then used a flat tip and purple icing. I started at the bottom of the cone and decorated up to give the shingle appearance. I used the leaf tip to make a vine going up the tower to blend in the grass. I then used Wilton flower sprinkles to spread a little color on the cake.

Lastly, I used a Rapunzel, Flynn, and Max figures from the store to place on the cake.