My daughter turned 20. For her 20th birthday I wanted to make her a cake that was fun. She loves the Disney movie Tangled. She sings the song about brushing her hair when she is very happy.

This Tangled Birthday cake was a 10″ homemade chocolate cake. She loves chocolate. I even melted a cup of chocolate chips and mixed into the batter to make sure it was very chocolatey.  The tower was made of fondant and Styrofoam.  I didn’t think the rice crispy treat mix would work for the height and weight of the tower. The shingles and windows were a bit of a challenge but turned out nice.

I used bamboo skewers to secure the tower to the cake. It still leaned a little. The cake was frosted with homemade butter cream frosting dyed in a dark shade of juniper. The leaves and vines were dyed a much darker green. I was able to find the PVC figurines to add to the cake.  I am very pleased with the way the cake turned out.