Coolest Tangled Cake with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

If you are like me and a tower cake is incredibly intimidating, then steal my idea and create the romantic gondola scene from the movie. I used cupcakes for bushes to add a 3D effect and Wilton Blue Sparkle icing for the water shimmer. The Flynn Rider/ Rapunzel doll set was only 12.00 at Walmart but I know other places sold it online.

My daughter loved this Tangled Cake with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel and now plays with the dolls. I love cakes that have an after life.

9 thoughts on “Coolest Tangled Cake with Flynn Rider and Rapunzel”

  1. Very cute and clever cake!!! I’m going to copy your idea!! :) Questions about your cake….did you cut off the bottoms of the cupcakes or how did you make them look like they fit? Are there just cupcakes around the water or are the side bushes cupcakes too? Last question, how did you make the waves on the boat??

  2. I bought my boat (with Rapunzel and Flynn) at Walmart last July for about $16. Pretty sure Toys R Us has it too but may cost more there.

  3. How did you decorate the bushes? What kind of icing and tip did you use? I want to make this cake tomorrow!

  4. What kind of icing did you use for the cupcakes/bushes? And what size pan did you use? Also what flavor cake mix did you use for the cake?

  5. hi. beautiful cake. i will be using your idea for my daughter’s 5th birthday. big Rapunzel fan!!
    can you please tell me what you used for the bushes, they look perfect.i know you mentioned cupcake toppers? but which frosting or to make them look like bushes??
    Thank you!!

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