Coolest Tangled Castle Cake

My Tangled castle cake was made for my youngest daughter’s 5th birthday party. She told me she wanted the castle from the movie “Tangled”. I looked at many pictures before decided what to do, I then took a trip to the local Home Depot where I spoke with someone there. I decided to buy a piece of plywood for the base and top, then took a 2×2 piece to go up the center.

A few days before the party my husband cut the 2×2 to the length I wanted, then cut the plywood for the base, and a 6 in circle with a cupcake size circle added to one side for the top.

The 2×2 was screwed into the base and the hole predrilled for the top to be attached. I covered the 2×2 with foil and then placed the base cake over the 2×2 and down onto the plywood and iced this in white. I then attached the top piece and began adding rice crispie treats around the 2×2 to make the base of the tower. After adding the rice crispies, I covered it with icing and sprayed it with gray and pink food coloring spray. I then added vines and flowers going up the tower.

At this point I added the 6 in cake on the top and then put cupcakes on one side to make the rounded part of the tower. I then covered that in icing.

Fondant was used to make the wood accents on the top of the tower. I used fondant to make shingles for the roof and ice cream cones for the turrets. Grass and water were added on the base cake, with fondant rocks. Then a character and the horse.

This is one of my favorite cakes that I have made(and there have been lots). Everyone LOVED this cake, especially my daughter!

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