Coolest Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

I came up with this Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake for my daughter’s 5th birthday party. It was back in February right after the Tangled movie came out. First I took a 9×13 sheet cake pan and made the bottom cake for the grass #233 tip and flowers #225 tip. Next I took a doll cake pan to make the dress of Rapunzel. I couldn’t find any “cake dolls” with long enough hair so I just took an old Barbie doll washed real good and cut off all the hair (that was time consuming) making sure none was left to get on the cake. I used homemade frosting and food coloring.

The dress is made from violet (just a little) on the outer part and added more violet for the inside part of the dress. Then took #3 tip for the pink design on the dress. For the hair I used the “grass” #233 tip but almost any tip could probably work depends on what style your going for.

For putting the cake together, I placed the doll cake on top of sheet cake (I put it on the side, placement can be anywhere). Next I iced the dress and put the details on it. Then I decorated the sheet cake with the grass all over and the flowers. Then I placed the barbie doll inside the dress cake and put icing on the bodice with tip # 12 but took and wet my finger to smooth it all out.

Next I did the hair. Even the back side has hair going all down and around. The length is up to the decorator. Last I printed out a picture of Rapunzel’s tower from the movie and set it up behind the cake for an extra look to it all. The kids and parents loved the cake. And I had a blast making it.

Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

Homemade Tangled (Rapunzel) Birthday Cake

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