Coolest Tangled Rapunzel Birthday Cake

My daughter, who turned 5 over the weekend, had been requesting a “Tangled” cake for the 6 months prior to her birthday. After looking at some cake photos online, I came up with this scene idea from the movie. The cake is built with a double-layer 14” round cake and a double-layer 8” round cake. The top round cake is set all of the way back, flush with the edge of the bottom layer cake. The Rapunzel, Flynn and Pascal figurines are plastic, and were part of a set I purchased off of Amazon.

The boat is two cake ice cream cones stuck together with a carved opening. I carved each side separately with a sharp knife and then adhered them together. I made a sticky wash with powdered sugar/water and covered the inside and outside of the boat and then rolled it in hot chocolate mix. I purchased the metal hanging pieces at Michael’s Craft Store and found the lantern pattern online. Printed the lanterns out on white paper, cut them, colored the sun yellow, added the little strip of paper for the hanger and taped them together.

The tower is a sleeve of the small Hostess crumb doughnuts; I had to go to a gas station to find these, the “old school” packaged doughnuts. I secured them together and to the cake with wood BBQ skewers. I then used a sugar ice cream cone, washed it with the sticky wash (powered sugar and water) and rolled it in purple sugar. I used another wood skewer and made a hole in the top of the cone to secure to the doughnuts and attached the banner.

For the ice cream cones, I actually found a box, made by Keebler, that included both cake and sugar ice cream cones. It was helpful not having to purchase two boxes of cones just for the cake. I used a butter cream frosting for the entire cake. Smoothed it for the “grass” and gave it some texture for the water. I put vines/flowers (purple to match) around the sides of both tiers of cake and up the tower.

Outside of the time needed for the frosting process, this was a relatively easy cake. My daughter LOVED it, and it was the hit of the party.

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