Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

I made this tank birthday cake for my friend’s 9 year old son’s birthday.

I used a 9×13 cake pan for the base and a 9″ pie pan for the top. I cut the notches out of both ends and measured the top to make the circle fit properly on top. I used some of the extra cake to stack under the top to give it some height.

The turret is made out of a chocolate covered pretzel stick, the tracks are Hershey bars flipped over, and the tires are Oreos (as well as the hatch without the cream).

I crumb coated the entire cake with the light brown icing. I used a toothpick to map out the camo design on the top of the tank. I alternated the light brown mixture, the dark brown was chocolate icing, and the green was made from Wilton’s willow green coloring mixed with vanilla icing.

This cake was a big hit by all ages. The kids especially loved having cake, chocolate, and cookies all in one.