Coolest Tank Birthday Cake

This Tank Birthday Cake is my first attempt at a shaped cake of any kind. My son had requested a tank cake and I looked around for some ideas online. This seemed the most straight-forward design.

I bought 2 cake mixes and made one 9X13 cake and bought 3 disposable mini loaf pans. I filled 2 of the mini loaves but added the remaining 1/3 of the cake batter to the 9×13 pan to make sure that cake would end up a little deeper than usual. I baked the cakes, took them out of the pans and iced the large cake completely. Then I stacked the better of the two loaf cakes on top of the large one and finished icing that as well (I was glad I made two loaves so I didn’t waste the extra batter and my husband got his own little cake to devour later).

It took 2 cans of frosting to cover the entire cake. For the gun I just used a pirouette cookie that is shaped like a thick straw. The tracks were made by sectioning 2 large Hershey bars – about 30 pieces and the side wheels were Mint Oreo Fudge Creams. I decided against trying to make the cake look like camouflage and kept it all Milk Chocolate colored. It went great with some vanilla ice cream on top.

This was a very popular cake with my whole family and my son couldn’t believe that we could make something like this at home.