Coolest Tank Cake

This tank cake was fairly simple to make. I took a 13×9 pan and made the bottom half that was chocolate devils food cake mix and the top of the tank was a loaf pan made with classic yellow cake mix. I stacked the loaf pan cake on top of the 13×9 pan cake after they cooled completely and frosted the whole thing in chocolate which is was my brown in the camo part.

I then purchased Wilton’s cake tint in black and green to make the rest of the colors. TIP- To make black cake icing mix the black cake tint in chocolate frosting, not white as it will turn gray with white frosting. I then, after thoroughly washing my hands, used my fingertips to perfect the green and black parts of the camouflaging. This part I spent a 90 mins if not a bit more on.

I did make a practice cake the week before but it was nothing compared to this cake I made for the actual party! I purchased black licorice to cut into smaller pieces to make the tracks and used Oreo cookies for the wheels. I took a piece of wire clothes hanger and ran it into the middle of a piece of black licorice for the tank barrel.

The cake was a hit! My son loved it and everybody was in awe of it at the party! I would definitely bake this cake again in a heartbeat for my son! After buying all the supplies to make this tank cake it cost me about $12 to make. I was very pleased with that!

Thank you to this site and the people who have submitted their cake idea and pics previously for giving me the neat ideas to make this awesome cake!

Tank  Cake

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