Coolest Tank Cake

My best friend was having her birthday party and the theme was army/camo. I decided to make her a tank cake! I had got the idea for it from this site!

I made a large cake first for the bottom piece and then used a smaller square sized baking pan for the top part. I recommend using chocolate cake, due to the colors of the icing. After they were done, I put the little cake on top of the big cake. We then covered it in brown and green icing in random designs for the camo.

I used Oreos for the wheels and mini sized Hershey bars for the tread. I stuck a cheap inexpensive army man figure toy in the top. And I used a paint brush (the ones that have the black sponge tip – we just tore that sponge tip off) with a thick handle and used a black marker to color it black for the cannon.

Then we stuck little mini sized army man figures around the cake and crushed up inexpensive vanilla cookies to create the “sand”. And thus the cake was made! Everybody loved it, not bad for my very first cake!

Oh, and it says “Militia” on the front of the cake, because that was the birthday girl’s nickname, which helped spawn the idea of a camo themed party!

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  1. Very cool cake! I’m planning on making it this week-end. I was just wondering how you make the green icing? I’m not sure what kind of type to use?


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