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Coolest Tattooed Torso Cake

I made this tattoed torso cake for the opening of my cousin’s tattoo studio named Magnum Circus. Paul is one of the top 50 tattooist in the world, so I wanted to do something impressive. It was a last minute decision to do this cake as a surprise!

Tattoo Cake – Part 1

The first pic is a male tattooed torso. I used a shirt shaped baking tin.

  • I started by crumb coating the whole torso and then put if fridge for an hour.
  • Next, I built up the chest area by adding 2 circles of buttercream.
  • I did the same with the six pack, only the buttercream was sausage shaped at an angle.
  • I coloured white fondant with a tiny amount of gel colouring in paprika and also added more colour to a small amount of fondant for the nipples.
  • For the tattoos I used a piece of the wallpaper that was in the studio and printed the design onto rice paper. I then cut each tattoo out and attached them to the torso with water. 

Tattoo Cake – Part 2

The second pic is a three tiered cake representing a Big Top Circus and decorated in the style of the studio.You’ll notice the name of the studio encircles the bottom tier.

My intentions were to stand the torso on top of the 3 tier cake, but it was so heavy that I couldn’t.

If I ever make another one I will definitely give myself more time to work out how to accomplish my original idea.

3 Tier Tattoo Studio Cake Base