My niece’s 2nd birthday party was a ‘tea party’. I found this website and used all the great tea party cakes on here as inspiration for my Tea Party Birthday Cake.

I used the idea of two cakes baked in Pampered Chef bowls with one inverted over the other. The only problem I had was the handle/spout. I’ve never used fondant before and wasn’t too sure about making them out of that. I was discussing it with my hairdresser and she suggested a giant pretzel! It was perfect!

I bought the bake-at-home frozen pretzels and baked one the night before so it would be nice and hard. I cut it into the right shapes. The spout was a little too heavy, if I did it again I would shave it down a bit. I stuck them to the cake with toothpicks.

The ‘teacups’ are large cupcakes and their handles are regular sized pretzels. I had to break several to get 6 the right shape.

I left the top of the cupcakes un-iced so it would look like tea and put each girl’s initial on her ‘teacup’.

My mother-in-law’s silver serving tray finished the look perfectly!