I used a pampered chef bowl to make the teapot. I used gum paste to form the flowers and the spout and handle. The bottom of the tea party cake is just a half sheet cake decorated in white buttercream icing. I used white icing to write the letters and then went over them in hot pink to give them a 3d effect.

Writing in the color of icing that is on your cake is great to do first. If you mess up you can easily wipe off and start over. The teacups are my daughter’s teacups covered with icing. I used a circle cookie cutter to cut the tea in the cups out. I then took a small paint brush and make the swirl in the fondant. I took brown food color and darkened the swirls and then smeared it all over the circle.

I filled the cups with icing and laid the tea on top. Everyone loved the cake!