For my daughter’s 3rd birthday she wanted to have a tea party. I baked pound cake in 2 stainless steel bowls that were the same size (bake time was about an hour). For the lid of the tea pot, I baked cake mix in a ramekin and then sliced it horizontally to get the right height.

The “balls” were made of already prepared/colored fondant. The handle and spout were made out of colored foam from a template I found on line. It came together quite well I think!! My daughter loved her homemade tea pot cake!!

We served sugar cookie tea and apple juice out of two teapots. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were in the shapes of teapots and butterflies. Cheese and crackers and fruit were also served. We also had lasagna and salads for the adults (and for the kids). My daughter had such a great time dressing up with her friends- it was such a great day!!