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Coolest Teacher Appreciation Cake Design

This Teacher Appreciation Cake Design was a cake I made for my daughter’s preschool teaching staff during teacher appreciation week. Being an educator myself I wanted to do something special for the ladies. It was a cookies and cream cake (vanilla box mix, eggs, sour cream, and Oreos) with a butter and whip cream filling. It is a recipe I found online and my families LOVES.

I have a large assortment of cookie cutters so that helped me with most of the shapes, including the lettering. The Wilton small alphabet/number set is amazing—and so worth the money! I am new to specialty cakes and cannot ice a cake to save my life, let alone write with icing! The crayon cookie cutter is very versatile, it can be used as a marker or a pencil. The black on the school house and crayons is black icing.

The teachers were not only impressed but said it was delicious! I was nervous as most teachers do not like baked goods (myself included), but I assured them in was made with adult hands.

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