Coolest Teapot Cake

I made this teapot cake for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. I used the Wilton ball cake pan to bake the cake, then cut about 1/2″ off the rounded part of one half of the cake so it would sit level. I used sugar cookie dough to make the handle and spout of the teapot.

I used the Wilton icing colors to tint my homemade butter cream icing. The pink and lavender turnout the perfect “Princess” shades. I was pretty excited about that! To assemble the cake, I set the half of the ball that I trimmed to make flat on my cake board, added a very small amount of icing to keep it together, and set the other half on top. Using my pastry bag and the pink icing with a star tip, I covered the entire cake with stars. I then used a circular motion with the same tip to create the lid.

Next, I used the lavender icing and the star tip to make the decorations on the teapot, and to make the handle on the lid. I inserted the cookie handle and spout and covered them with the lavender stars as well.

I used tooth picks to hold them in place while the icing set. I used a rectangular sugar cookie to make a plaque saying Happy Birthday! We completed the theme with pink plates and napkins, and tea sandwiches (cream cheese and strawberry jam and chicken salad) along with mini subs for variety.

We also had chips and a veggie tray (carrots, cherry tomatoes, broccoli and cauliflower with ranch dip – my kids LOVE veggies!).