I made this Teddy Bear Cake for my friend’s daughter as she loves me-to-you teddy bears. I used two different sized glass pyrex bowls for the head and the body and secured them with a wooden skewer. I then cut out the basic shapes for the arms and legs, nose and ears out of a small cake that i made in a loaf tin and secured them all to the cake using butter icing and allowed it to set.

Then I covered the whole cake in gray icing and used a fork to create the effect of the fur. I used pink fondant for the paw pads and smarties for the eyes and the nose. I used black writing icing for the detail such as claws and mouth. That really is about it, I was worried when I started that I could never re-create the look of the me-to-you bears but I was quite impressed with the results and I know it is not perfect but the little girl I made it for was very happy!