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Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

I made this cake for my friend’s daughters 16th birthday. I was so pleased how it turned out.

10 thoughts on “Coolest Teddy Bear Cake”

  1. that is a cake I had to take a double look first when I seen it I had to ask myself where is the cake that really is cute.

  2. Hi I really love this cake but how did you go about constructing it??

    I’m making a ‘bear’ cake for my sister’s 22nd birthday but all the other cake ideas I have seen are too child-like but yours is brilliant!

    Would love if you could help me out!


  3. the body is a cake cook in a large Pyrex basin, and the head is two small basin cakes also Pyrex, the legs are from two small Swiss rolls and the arms are made from fondant, hope this helps x

  4. hi ,the bear is covered in fondant, I did each section individually then fixed the head on with a wooden dowel, to get the fur affect I used a scissors using a snipping action. x

  5. Hi could you put up the recipe you used and instructions on how to decorate it please. i tried baking a similar cake on my own and i couldn’t get the decoration as good as yours. Thank you.

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