Coolest Teddy Bear Cake

This teddy bear cake was for a friend who missed her mom’s teddy bear cakes from her childhood so I surprised her with it and she burst into tears when she saw it! The inspiration came from a few different cakes I saw on this website.

I used 2 9in round pans and a few cupcakes. The body is a full size 9in round, and I cut the head down to a smaller size using a bowl. The feet are whole cupcakes, but I cut the arms down using a glass and used that excess as ears. It all worked perfectly together!

This was the first cake I’d decorated in 10 years so I took it easy and iced using 1 size star tip and just varied the icing color. I began with the pinkish tummy, ears, and paws, then started the slightly yellow mouth area, white for the eyes, filled in the rest with store-bought chocolate icing, and finished the face.

I really recommend NOT using store-bought icing as it just gets too runny, but it tastes great and was a huge hit!