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Coolest Thanksgiving Turkey Cake

For this Thanksgiving Turkey Cake I used an eight X twelve rectangular pan for the bottom base and topped it with a cake baked in a football shaped cake pan. I used spice cake mix and cream cheese frosting.

The drumsticks and wings were formed with rice krispie treats. I blended copper, brown and a small amount of golden yellow icing colors into prepared white fondant and covered the entire cake. My artist son, Aaron, then took the icing colors, brown and golden yellow, watered them down a little and painted the entire cake.

It was a big hit at Thanksgiving dinner. This is only the third cake I’ve made and am trying to come up with an idea to top it for Christmas!I had never made the rice krispie treats before and I found that a little vegetable oil on your hands does help keep the rice krispie treats from sticking and makes it easier to mold into the shapes needed.

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