Coolest Thomas The Tank Birthday Cake

I only started making cakes last year, it started off just basic cakes like Victoria sandwich etc. I made my mum a birthday cake and it was the first one I covered in fondant icing, after that I loved making cakes and decorating them. My cousin was quite impressed with some of the cakes I had made so she asked me to make a birthday cake for her son’s 2nd birthday party. At first it was supposed to be Fireman Sam then it changed to Thomas the Tank.

I planned to make the cake as just a large 12 inch square with a plastic Thomas toy on top as I didn’t think I would be able to make the Thomas from icing. I had a look online and got some more ideas so then decided on a two tiered round cake. A few weeks before the party I tried to make the Thomas figure from icing, it worked out quite well so I decided I would just make another one for the cake instead of using a plastic toy.

For the cake I used a basic vanilla sponge recipe and used a 26cm round tin for the bottom tier and a 22cm round tin for the top tier. The filling was a vanilla butter cream and strawberry jam. To place the top cake on top of the bottom one I used plastic cake dowels so as to stop it collapsing.

I then covered both cakes with light blue fondant to look like the sky. The square cake board was covered with pastel green fondant to look like the grass. To do the writing on the board I used funky tappits (quite hard to use but worth it I think).

The cake took 8 hours to make, luckily my friend helped with some parts otherwise I don’t know how long it would of took! The next day I took it to the party feeling very nervous as there was around 20-25 people there who would all be getting a bit of the cake! It was a great success and I was very proud of the cake especially as I only made my first one a year ago. Hope you all like it!

Homemade Thomas The Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Thomas The Tank Birthday Cake

Homemade Thomas The Tank Birthday Cake

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