I wanted to make my grandson’s 2nd birthday cake and the theme was Thomas & Friends, or as he calls it “Choo Choo”. I decided to go with a flat cake with a 3 dimensional mountain on it. I had planned on using a half sport ball cake pan for the mountain but there was a baking incident which then required some creativity.

When I had baked the half sport ball I also made a half dozen cupcakes just to use up the batter.

After frosting the butter cream colored green on the top I put 3 cupcakes together and 2 on top (I used toothpicks to keep it attached) and then put some brown colored fondant on top of them. For the train tracks I put a layer of frosting and graham cracker crumbs then cut out black colored fondant for the track, using more frosting to adhere each piece.

I added some candy rocks with more frosting along the mountain and dusted more graham cracker crumbs in between. I also added a cut out of the black colored fondant for the opening to the mountain.

The best tip I can offer when working on this type of project is to be flexible because things don’t always turn out the way we planned.