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Coolest Three Tier Castle Birthday Cake

I have made a few cakes before, but I truly enjoyed this one! This three tier castle birthday cake was so much fun to make but like with any cake, there are always difficulties and also discovery of new techniques.

For this cake I used a simple vanilla sponge cake and filled with caramel and chocolate (this was awesome, it tasted like those chocolate eclair sweets). I made the bottom tier a hexagon which allowed the towers to fix perfectly with the top two tiers round.

When covering the cake, I used plastic icing which I bought at my local confectionery store. This icing is similar to a fondant and just gives more of a professional look. When using this type of icing, a textures rolling pin or other similar tools can be used to give different effects to the cake. Just remember not to over knead because this can cause a dry effect and cause cracking when applied. Also, do not roll it out to thin. The thicker it is, the easier it is to work with and the smoother the cake will appear.  Allow each tier to set and harden slightly before stacking the tiers. Another thing I love about using this icing is that when it is rolled out, using the palm of your hand gently rubbing the icing causes a beautiful light shine.

For the towers of the cake I used cardboard tubes of a toilet roll. This got a few laughs from the family but it worked beautifully! For the top of the towers, I brushed ice-cream cones in soft icing sugar and rolled it in 100s and 1000s.  I also filled the towers with smarties and jelly tots which was a nice surprise.

The butterflies and other pictures, I printed on edible paper and placed on a thin sheet of plastic icing, cut it out and placed where desired. The butterflies I attached with thin wire found in any hardware store. The vines I piped on using a simple round piping tool. Piping some grass using a star tool also gives a very nice added effect.

Remember, if you love what you doing, it will always be beautiful.


Castle Cake

Castle Cake

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