Coolest Tiered Finding Nemo Cake

I made this homemade tiered Finding Nemo cake for my daughter’s third birthday. I love tiered cakes, as you can easily add or subtract layers depending on your individual needs. There’s just something majestic about a tiered cake, in my opinion!

This cake is chocolate and vanilla, with cookies & cream buttercream filling. Decorated with buttercream frosting and chocolate, plus a little edible glitter serving as “sand.”

The chocolate method used is one I have been exploring based on the recent purchase of the Whimsical Bakehouse book- or as I like to call it, my new cake bible!

Once past the initial difficulties of working with fast-hardening chocolates, and learning how to work the images in reverse, the sky is the limit! You simply place wax paper over your image, pipe the outline, then fill with desired colors. Once dried, peel them off and attach them to the cake with frosting.

Something else I love is that you can do the chocolate work in advance, which takes a lot of the pressure off when working on a deadline. The “wow factor” is pretty high, and kids absolutely LOVE eating the chocolate designs!

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  1. I have recently found this book also and loved using the chocolate method! My sons 3rd bday is coming up and he wants a Nemo party. We love your cake.

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