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Coolest Tiger Birthday Cake

I made this Homemade Tiger Birthday Cake after looking at several pictures of others, combining ideas I liked. It was two layers. The cake was just a boxed yellow cake mix – nothing fancy – and I just used a standard buttercream frosting recipe for the outside icing and filling.

I used a 9 inch cake pan for the head. I used my 4 inch cake pans for the ears (cut to fit “on” head of course). The eyes are marshmallows cut and dyed green with food coloring, and the whiskers and dyed black spaghetti noodles. I frosted it all orange, then used decorating frosting to add the white areas and black stripes. The cake is on a round platter, and I dyed icing green and just spread across the platter to make the cake stand out more.

The little cake for my birthday boy was a single layer cake, using my 4 inch pan again, and the ears were made with my mini muffin pan (I used extra cake batter to make mini cake muffins that I used the extra frosting on).

Homemade Tiger Birthday Cake

Homemade Tiger Birthday Cake

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