Cool Homemade Tigger Cake

I have always loved Tigger and my son’s star sign is Leo, so I thought this Tigger cake was the perfect idea for his first birthday.

The cake is Jaffa (chocolate and orange marble)to go with the Tigger theme. I used just normal icing for the orange and other colours and chocolate for the brown. So the colours did not bleed into each other I used black writing gel (you need a very steady hand for that one).

To finish it off I used chocolate shavings for the sides, black jelly beans for the eyes and pipe cleaners for the whiskers. It did take me quite a few hours so pre prepare. All in all it turned out fantastic and everyone loved it, hope you enjoy!

6 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Tigger Cake”

  1. Perfect for my daughters 2nd birthday

    What I did to make shape(I just made a head shot not really any shoulders), found image online(I think it was from a blog)enlarged it and printed it off onto two legal size sheets of paper side by side(With a lot of overlap). I had baked a 9×13 cake, cut the picture out and placed the paper template on top of cake. I had cut ears off image and was able to position image head shape within the 9 inches of cake, placed the ears in the unused part of cake at bottom at neck area.( I hope that makes sense).
    I had frozen the cake for an hour so it wasn’t so crumbly (read that from another cake write-up)then cut template out. Placed the ears next to the head, to stop them from moving too much smeared just a bit of icing on board and placed cake on top.

    As the original creator mentioned the use of black writing gel, in my mind this makes the cake. I had bought black jelly belly jellybeans and they were not big enough. I had thought of using black liquorice ropes for whiskers but could only find red ones and the cake went without. To colour the icing I used neon food colouring and it made a nice orange but the pink it made was too bright for the nose.

    I hope this helps


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