Coolest Tiki Bar Cake

My sister wanted to surprise her friend Susan with an awesome cake, so she called me. The party was to be held at the pool, and a summer theme was all she could give me to go on. “Oh, and there will be drinks”, she said; so I had an idea to make a Tiki Bar Cake.

I used those delicious tube shaped chocolate and hazelnut filled Pepperidge farm cookies to make the ‘bamboo’ poles, chocolate cake cut and stacked to add height, then frosted it and used fondant to make the ‘raffia’ thatched roof, plus lots more fondant and a cutter set to make the flowers. I used plastic cake dowels to hold the upper layer, and found ‘drink’ stickers at the hobby store, sticking two together over a toothpick to give the bar a more realistic appearance.

The bar stools were last minute; I ended up by covering the remaining cake ends (trimmed from the top layer of cake) with icing, and drawing on legs and a seat. The flip flops and sunglasses were also stickers, as are the flowers on he poles. It was lots of fun, everyone loved it, and I’ve copy written it as the COOLEST TIKI BAR CAKE EVER!

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