For our Luau party we made this Tiki Man Cake. We just baked a regular box mix in 3 loaf pans. I froze the cakes for about 10 minutes after cooling. Then I did a thin layer of icing and refroze for about 5 minutes.

I took a plastic knife and a bowl of water. I dipped the knife in the water and used it to smooth the icing. I refroze for about 5 minutes. I had already mixed the color up so I smoothed it on with a small spatula following my pattern. I froze for 5 minutes and smoothed the icing out with the plastic knife and water again. I froze for about 5 more minutes.

Then I used different colored sprinkles to make the different patterns. We used different kinds of sprinkles and little candies for teeth and eyes. We refroze the cake until the morning of the party. We did it 2 days ahead. We just really used our own ideas for these.