This cake was a labour of love! I made 2 pudding bowl sponges sandwiched together with jam, using the smaller for the head and the larger for the body. I used a small ‘Timmy’ toy as a model.

I started by cutting the shape for the face from black fondant and attaching it to the front of the cake with butter icing, eyes were made simply with white and black fondant stuck together with a small drop of water. I used a blunt knife to gently indent the shape of a smile.

Sweeping a small amount of water across the centre of the face gave the impression of a shiny nose. The wool was made by pushing small pieces of fondant icing through a garlic press. This was really time consuming but the end effect was great. I cut these strands off at different lengths for a ‘scruffy’ finish.

The cake was covered with butter icing to which the ‘wool strands’ were then attached, allowing them to overlap to ensure good coverage. Arms, legs and ears were rolled and shaped from black fondant icing and again held in place by butter icing… Very time consuming but much appreciated by a 4 year old fan of Timmy The Lamb.