Coolest Timmy Time Cake

This Timmy Time Cake was my first undertaking in the cake art department other than some creative icing. There are three different cakes (two 9-inch rounds and 1 8 inch round) stacked for the torso. The head is a third cake (three 6-inch pans) carved to the shape of Timmy’s head. The arms, legs, ears, and mouth are rice crispy treats covered with homemade modeling chocolate.

The whites of the eyes are modeling chocolate while the pupils are junior mints. There is some cardboard inside the cake for added support along with a large dowel through the center of the cake, several medium length skewers, and many cocktail toothpicks to keep everything in place. The wool was cotton candy. I will add more just before guests arrive so the icing isn’t soaked up like in the finished photo and looks like real fluffy wool.

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  1. I love the idea, my 3 yr old LOVES TIMMY Time! I bet if she saw this she’ll be asking me to make her one too! Thank you for sharing :)


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